Resume Of A Disciple - Stepping Up Spiritually

Resume of a DiscipleWhen you read Resume of a Disciple - Stepping Up Spiritually and follow it like personal operating manual, you begin to identify the keys for building your own spiritual resume.

In a nutshell, you'll create a Spiritual, personal account, leading to a life of joy, certainty, and connection to your Divine purpose. Following your personal operating manual puts you squarely in the drivers seat, allowing you to take dominion over your life from the Heart of Spirit.

"An empowering book designed to help readers discover the spiritual power that lies within themselves, Resume of a Disciple is an action guide for those who seek to find a spiritual path that can easily merge with their everyday lives."

- Edward M. Brittingham, author of Operation Poppy

"In Resume of a Disciple, Alberta Fredricksen makes a startling comparison. She uses career language: resumes, job descriptions, and on the job training, to explain our spiritual roles as followers of Christ. This meticulously researched and thought-provoking work will open your eyes and inspire you to a deeper commitment to your spiritual life. Don't be surprised if you find that you've changed while reading this book. It invites deep and rich contemplation."

- Lynne Klippel, author of Web Wonder Women

After Reading Resume of a Disciple - Stepping Up Spiritually, Your Assignment Will Allow You To:

  •   Understand how stepping up Spiritually is as easy as following a job description. You can apply it daily, just as you do at work.
  •   Integrate Spirit into your daily living so that you don't have to give up your "day job" to pursue your Spiritual path.
  •   Know who you really are so that you can accomplish what you're meant to while you're here on earth.
  •   Experience a new level of awareness so you can raise the consciousness of the people on this planet, beginning with yourself.
  •   Gain a greater understanding of what service looks like in your daily life so you can nurture life and balance karma in all that you do.
  •   Discover practical ways to strengthen your 'Spiritual life' so that you can live your 'everyday life' more abundantly, by blending the two seamlessly.

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